No. You are not a Unicorn.

You are also not enough. Want to know why? Because it is not a unit of measurement so how the heck do you measure yourself by it???

This is a conversation that I have often with clients in sessions and also with myself some days.

We are in this world idea of “I am enough”. Yes. You are.  But do not use it as a term of measurement for yourself. There is not a magic definition to this! I am not skinny enough, I am not smart enough, I am not rich enough, I am not ever going to be enough if I continue to judge myself based on this elusive idea that I have to be something in particular in order to meet this ideal. I am enough because I am. That is all.

You will never find yourself to be enough if you use this as a term of measurement. You won’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

You are love

You are loving

You are loveable

You are enough


Stop measuring yourself to something that doesn’t exist. It is the lowest form of measurement.

KNOW that you are MORE than enough.

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