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Take Risks Without Fear

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Conversations With E.D.G.E.

In this episode we take a dive into some of the challenges, trauma’s and uncertainties that have shown up in Dawn’s life and how she has never taken NO for an answer.

From battling depression at a young age, sexually abused at age 14, to having a brain anuerisym (at age 17), this woman has felt the sting of life.

After years of trying to find healing and wholeness within the medical system, she started “hacking” her own healing! She has since taken that process to help others become rockstars of their own healing and life.


Winning with Wellness

Dawn Taylor shared with us her personal experience in dealing with trauma in a much less intimidating way. The best way to start a healing journey is by first assessing the little things; from as simple as what your space looks like, what food are you eating, what are you watching or reading. The healing journey is different for everyone and so it is crucial to find someone that resonates with you. A lot of people with trauma are afraid of hurting other people with their stories. With that analysis, she chose to approach her craft differently in a way that her clients would feel more comfortable digging a deeper level with her.


Femme Parler

Tune in this week to meet life coach, Dawn Taylor. She takes us on a wild ride through all her past childhood and adolescent trauma. The best part, she comes out stronger.  A story of resilience and bravery. Do you feel like sometimes the bad stuff is only happening to you? Dawn makes you feel seen, but more importantly, not alone.  Dawn is a trauma and life coach. If you’re looking for more information on how to get out of your own way, heal your wounds, rewire your brain, and find the success and joy you’ve been looking for? Look no further…this podcast is for you.


Parenting our Future

In this episode we talk about how our trauma comes from generations before us - ever wonder why you start talking like your mother when you swore you wouldn’t!? 

How our trauma impacts us in our parenting and how it’s making our kids feel - AND most importantly, what to do about it. How you can tell when you’re triggered - hint: it’s a reaction that doesn’t fit the situation

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Peaky Podcast

Sarah joins the Peaky Pod Podcast to discuss escaping the cult and how she has overcome the abuse she experienced and mental health problems. You’ll hear Sarah tell her story, and then I am honoured to join later in the show to talk about being a sexual assault survivor myself and the aftermath I had to deal with when my family blamed me for it.  Learn how I fought back, overcame it all, and am now helping others like Sarah overcome past trauma. 


Hitechies Podcast

In this conversation we go through various topics.

  • Mental Well Being as an entrepreneur

  • Well being during the Covid 19 challenges. 

  • Trauma and its various forms and their impact on the daily lives.

  • Journey of Dawn Taylor.

And more…


Thrive Global

First things first – let’s start with trauma. What is it? Simply put, trauma is an emotion, event, or experience of an environment that gets jarred into your nervous system. A few months ago, I became certified in the Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT) method. This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to... Keep Reading.


Seek The Joy Podcast

I’m so excited for you to connect with Dawn, check out her work, and follow along as she continues to empower people to be the superhero in their own rescue so that they can change their own lives and inspire others to do the same.

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The Live Exchange

This week on The Live Exchange, Dr. Pamela will explore the other side of resilience, which includes the ability to experience laughter, develop gratitude, and tapping into inner Joy.


CTV News

Dawn Taylor, The founder of The Taylor Way was featured in a morning segment of CTV News, Life Hacks.


Millennial Wisdom

Dawn Taylor kicks ass by giving hope for a living. After working through her own traumatic history, she helps people deal with their trauma and using unconventional methods. She’s now not scared by anything! Listen to her story on how she did it!



Listen in as Ben & Jason chat with Dawn about overcoming trauma, what to do when therapy isn’t working, and how faith intersects with her approach. Dawn’s commitment to her clients is to “challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results” shows through strongly in this interview.


CFO Show

Dawn Taylor is a professional ass-kicker, hope-giver, life strategist, trauma specialist, and all-around badass. Her journey into helping others heal began when she took her personal recovery from the trauma she experienced in her life into her own hands.

Let’s cut to the chase: She is the kind of inspiring and honored coach that will make everyone a complete gut-level Rockstar in life.


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P.S. I Made It

Finding Radical Joy After A Lifetime Of Trauma

P.S. I Made It, is a powerful story that grabs you through its lack of pretension and honesty. Every page reveals another layer of curious wonder at both Dawn's life and of the power of hope that moves within each of us.

Dawn's hope is that you use this book as a resource to deal with your struggles. Share it with someone who needs it. We all want to feel like someone understands what it's like to suffer through something and - come out the other side.

She describes her life as "horrifically beautiful and beautifully horrific. Dawn is a trauma, life and business coach, an in-demand speaker and author. We are about to embark on a great adventure together.