Sarah Snyder & Dawn Taylor -15- Survivors/Trauma Specialist/Author

Sarah spent her entire life in a Cult; she was sexually and mentally abused, and developed multiple personality disorder. She joins the show to discuss escaping the cult and how she has overcome the abuse and recovered her meantal health. Dawn Taylor is an Author, Trauma Specialist and a sexual assault survivor. She talks about her assault and the aftermath of having her family blame her for it. How she has fought back, overcome it all, and how she is now helping others to overcome their past trauma.

International Trauma Specialist – Dawn Taylor In Hitechies Podcast

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, We have our Guest Dawn Taylor

Healing Trauma with the Subconscious Imprinting Technique


Seek the joy podcast with Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor – International Trauma Specialist, Life Coach Strategist, and All-Around Badass

Dawn Taylor, The founder of The Taylor Way was featured on Seek The Joy Podcast

The Live Exchange with Dawn Taylor of Seen Heard Healed and The Taylor Way

The Live Exchange -The Healing Gift of Laughter, Gratitude, and Joy

Dawn Taylor, The founder of The Taylor Way was featured The Live Exchange

Dawn Taylor Of The Taylor Way appeared on CTV News

CTV News – Get Your Morning Moving

Dawn Taylor, The founder of The Taylor Way was featured in a morning segment of CTV News.

Lead With Wisdom – Millennial Wisdom Podcast

Dawn Taylor kicks ass by giving hope for a living. After working through her own traumatic history, she helps people deal with their trauma and using unconventional methods. She’s now not scared by anything! Listen to her story on how she did it!

Thrive Global – Love is in the little things – So why aren’t we feeling it?

Dawn Taylor, International Trauma Specialist & Life Coach Strategist at The Taylor Way shares about when love feels far-fetched and unattainable, how we can find it in life’s simple acts of kindness?

Threads, Life Unfiltered

Listen in as Ben & Jason chat with Dawn about overcoming trauma, what to do when therapy isn’t working, and how faith intersects with her approach. Dawn’s commitment to her clients is to “challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results” shows through strongly in this interview.

Rebecca Binnendyk Official – CFO Show

We’ve all got sh*t. How working through yours could bring more fun, joy and success.

Be Brave Ranch

Dawn Taylor, CEO of The Taylor Way is showcased in a series by ShawTVEdmonton as they follow the building of The Be Brave Ranch by Ray Labonte and Family.
Learn about the people behind the project and how you can get involved. Be Brave Ranch is a place where children who have been sexually assaulted and abused can come to heal.

Dawn Taylor Of The Taylor Way appeared on CTV News



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