The way we approach our own lives affect the way we interact with the people around us.  Just like proper maintenance on your car, relationships need tune ups and sometimes even repairs.  As a Relationship Coach Strategist, I am able to help you overcome struggles you may have in a relationship, whether it be with a spouse, a friend, a colleague and even yourself.


Need a little help to make your home life amazing again? Don’t become a statistic. You CAN actually enjoy your spouse again. From learning how to fight, how to compromise and how to create a safe place for growth in your marriage, we will walk with you through the early days, the hard days or even what seem like the impossible days.


Want to know how to be an amazing friend? How to choose amazing friends? Learn more about who you are, what your personality and values say about you and how this affect the people around you. We will also look at how to attract the friends that you truly want into your life.

Your relationship with yourself

What if you could actually shut that voice off in your head? You know the one. The negative self talk, the doubt, the feelings of not being good enough. Learn the tools to discover who you truly are, how to “rewire” your own brain and how to love yourself and know your worth.

Toxic People

We all know them and we all have them in our lives. Learn how to set up healthy boundaries, how to block the effects that they have on your life and how to remove yourself from the REALLY bad ones in order to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

By learning valuable tools and strategies to apply to our relationships, we are able to enjoy life at its fullest, while also enjoying those who are sharing moments with us too.


The Taylor Way

We empower people to be the superhero in their own rescue so that they can change their own lives and inspire others to do the same.

Dawn Taylor, a Business | Relationship | Life Coach Strategist and owner of The Taylor Way meets you where you’re at. Through her unconventional strategy based style of coaching and her blunt honesty, the Ass Kicker, Hope Giver will challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results.

Read more – Dawn’s Story

Dawn Taylor, founder of The Taylor Way - business, relationship and life coach strategist sitting with a laptop and wearing a yellow dress in Edmonton, Alberta


I would like to speak to the personal work that Dawn has done with me. She was kind of like a world in the mist, she just came into my life, took one look at my demon and started kicking ass. She helped me out of a destructive place and helped me with the courage to step out on my own…

. . . I had spent years upon years working with Social Workers, Psychologists and Counsellors trying to figure myself out;. . . Dawn gave me hope and the ability to dream again through the work we have completed together. We went from working on my anger and cathartic work to now working on goal setting and even more positive changes. Every day I am grateful for her in my life since she really did save my life, 23 years after my abuse ended I am finally able to be alive. . .

I am a person that’s struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. My anxiety was so bad that I feared leaving home alone and hated making eye contact because it made me uncomfortable. . . Starting appointments with Dawn was the best step forward I have ever taken in my life. Dawn helped me write out my rules and standards that I should be living rather than living by the rules I’ve set for myself. . . The best part about working with Dawn is that she doesn’t treat you as “just another client” she treats you like a best friend.

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