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I just want to say that I am honored to be apart of so many peoples life stories here in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond and hope to be part of yours too.

Success-Based Business, Relationship and Life Coach Strategy results in phenomenal testimonials because of the real success clients experience everyday.

As clients participate in the uniquely personalized coaching sessions testimonials are organically expressed through amazing successes.

Take your time and read testimonials of clients and what they are saying about The Taylor Way coaching experience.

Inspirational Testimonials from Life Rockstars

“I have never experienced a coach, or a person, quite like Dawn before.  Her style is unique, unconventional, powerful, and drives results.  As a licensed counselor, I have both studied and utilized therapeutic techniques in my role as a practitioner – but I have also been in therapy myself for nearly the entirety of my adulthood.  Dawn’s coaching has absolutely blown everything else I’ve ever participated in, coaching or therapy wise, out of the water. It’s like a rocketship for your emotional health and personal development.  When I started with Dawn, I was experiencing suicidal thoughts on an ongoing, daily basis.  While successful in my career and relationships, I was experiencing a severe lifelong dissociative disorder as well.  All told, it was a bit of a miracle I was functioning. I, frankly, didn’t actually think my life could ever get any better than it was at that time. I had tried everything. I figured with the cards I had been dealt in childhood that the level of emotional dysregulation I experienced on a daily basis was simply how the rest of my life would play out.  Thank goodness I was wrong.  I was introduced to Dawn by a friend, and Dawn has helped me to save my own life.  After a few months of working together, my dissociative disorder has all but resolved itself (to the absolute shock of my doctors) and I no longer experience daily suicidal thoughts.  In fact – I am beginning to experience (what I’m told is) happiness on an ongoing, daily basis.  I laugh EVERY day now.  If you knew what I’ve come from, you’d know that’s a miracle. I’m learning how to shift my thoughts from negative to positive, how to work through (rather than ignore) the trauma I’ve been through, how to set boundaries, how to fight, and most importantly, what healthy love looks like. I am learning how to love my life, and myself.  I am thankful for each and every day now, and am excited for what my future holds.  Thank you, Dawn, for helping me to save my own life – and for teaching me how to live it, on my terms.  If you’re in need of a healing journey, and want transformation in your life, Dawn is your person.”

– Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC

I met Dawn from The Taylor Way 2 years ago when me and my previous business partner were Looking for a coach to take our business to the next level.

Dawn came in and said she was the ASS KICKER; HOPE GIVER and she deals with everything from personal roadblocks to trauma.

I thought who is this woman? and I went and hired male coaches.

It really wasn’t till a year later when I seen dawn at a networking event did I give her another thought.

Truth be told I had a hell of a year,

bought out my business partner and was having a hard time moving myself and my business forward.

Something in my gut always wondered how it would have been if we had decided on Dawn’s ass kicking ways.

I then knew I needed to get over myself… I was standing in front of the Hope Giver that was going to kick my ass into gear!

I took the 9-week transformation blueprint.

Dawn has a true gift of pulling out all the terrible, horrible, no good thoughts you have about your self.

Making you realize that your thoughts are totally crazy and training you on how to correct it.

Although I am still a work in progress Dawn has been a sounding board, a teacher and most of all a trusted advisor when it comes to my thoughts and goals.

She has helped me push forward and continue to grow my business (+$20,000) as well as help me heal and recover as a person.

I can not thank Dawn enough for everything she has taught me and all that I have yet to learn.

Female client testimonial of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is wearing a black blazer and orange shirt. Woman is leaning against a brick wall and smiling in Edmonton, AlbertaOwner Fox & Forth Promotions & Design | www.foxandforth.com

– Brittini Hostyn

Dawn’s Transformation Blueprint is a great tool for everyone!

If you have that one goal that you’ve always been wanting to achieve this is a perfect way to structure yourself and ensure you achieve it.

It’s amazing to go through the process with others and see where their pain points are and work through it together. If you’ve ever been unsure about using a Personal or Business Coach this is a great way to dip your toes in at a great value!

The 9 week course with Dawn was the best 9 weeks of my life!! I learnt so much and at the end, I actually completed my goals with flying colors!!

Once summer is over, and I’m back, I will be taking the course again to start my journey with Dawn all over again!!

If you want to succeed in life, you really need to take this course to help you crush those goals!!

Female client of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is wearing an emerald green blazer and white shirt. Woman is leaning against a brick wall and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta

Owner Paper Lime Creative | www.paperlime.ca

– Katie Dooley

I would like to speak to the personal work that Dawn has done with me. She was kind of like a world in the mist, she just came into my life, took one look at my demon and started kicking ass. She helped me out of a destructive place and helped me with the courage to step out on my own. I’m not sure about the rest of us, but Dawn is not the type of person that you come across everyday. She’s the kind that truly cares to make a dfference in peoples lives. I could go on about the brief time I have known her but I will keep it short,

Thank you for taking the time out of your life to make a difference in mine, I owe ya one 😉

Male client testimonial of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is sitting beside a brick wall and smiling in Edmonton, AlbertaPresident
Fresh Carpentry and Contracting Inc. | www.freshcarpentry.ca

– John Granger

I began coaching with Dawn approximately 6 months ago.  The reason being, I have had a couple traumatic event happen in the past 2 years, including a divorce which I knew I needed to work through with guidance.

Before I connected with Dawn, 5 of my colleagues told me I needed to go see her.  I booked my appointment, and am sure glad I did!

Daw is unconventional, and will change directions in her coaching mid-session if she sees it is not the right approach for you.  She is kind, compassionate and patient.  Her own life experiences have made her such an amazing coach.

Not only has she helped me overcome my tauma, but as a result, my business and interpersonal relationships have also improved.  I will continue to refer anyone to know that needs a life coach to Dawn.

Female client testimonial of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is wearing a red sweater and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta

High Street Insurance | www.highstreetinsurance.com

– Kendell Bousquet

I have worked with Dawn personally and professionally since we met and she is a must for anyone who is looking to level up either professionally or personally. It’s one thing to set goals in life. Goal setting is the easy part, doing the work to achieve those goals, staying motivated, being accountable and tweaking as necessary is an entirely different story.

It’s challenging to find people in your life that can be empathetic and compassionate, yet assist in keeping you focused and disciplined.

Thank you Dawn for all the work we’ve done together. Thank you for being one of my people. Thank you for keeping it real with me. Thank you for really being an ass-kicker!

Female client testimonial of The Taylor Way, life coach Strategist is wearing a black blazer and red shirt. Woman is leaning against a wall with crossed arms and smiling.

Owner Sherisse Alexander Hume – Master Your Mortgage www.sherissehume.com

– Sherisse Hume

Visiting Dawn will be one of the best decisions that you can make in your life. She will dive into areas of your life you never realized existed, figure out what makes you tick, and put it all back together so you can be your best. I would highly recommend Dawn!

Male client of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist wearing a blue shirt and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta

Owner Blue Collar Electric | www.bluecollarelectric.ca

– Tyler Loney

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn… well… She is everything that I was missing in my life. I had no idea when I put “business coach” on my vision board that I would wind up with someone as amazing as Dawn.

I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is organized. Highly capable. Detail oriented. Engaged and devoted to her clients success (in what ever form it takes.)

I just absolutely adore everything about her. Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness and pushing me out of my comfort zone and into immense amounts of growth – both in business and in my personal life.

Female Client of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is wearing a black camisole and smiling towards camera in Edmonton, Alberta

Movez Group. LIV Real Estate | www.yegismoving.com

– Deidre Harrison

I am a person that’s struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. My anxiety was so bad that I feared leaving home alone and hated making eye contact because it made me uncomfortable. I could’ve taken daily medication to help soothe my pain, instead my father recommended Dawn Taylor. Before starting appointments with Dawn, we met at Joey’s to get acquainted before moving forward with regular appointments. During the first encounter, I rarely looked Dawn in the eyes and the anxiety made me lose my appetite. Starting appointments with Dawn was the best step forward I have ever taken in my life. Dawn helped me write out my rules and standards that i should be living rather than living by the rules i’ve set for myself. Doing just that felt like a whole new world to me and life has only gotten better since then. After a few months with Dawn anxiety and depression are a thing of the past. All the things I’ve once feared in the real world is now just a memory. The best part about working with Dawn is that she doesn’t treat you as “just another client” she treats you like a best friend. I’m no doctor, but a weekly dose of Dawn Taylor will go a long way.

Male client of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist wearing a black suit jacket and purple shirt and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta– Braden Halliwell

I’ve been coaching with Dawn for a little over a year. We’ve focused on both business development and growth, as well as personal coaching to help me become a more confident, self aware, and happy person. Before working with her, I couldn’t recognize my own triggers and poor habits that were impacting both my quality of life and my family’s. I struggled with being anxious, overworked, boundaries, and essentially being my own worst enemy.

On the business side, I truly didn’t understand my numbers or how to gear my business and presentation with clients towards meeting their needs in an intentional way. While I still have work to do, and always will as I’m
particularly growth driven, I have been able to get a handle on the business side of the business, dramatically improve client conversion rates, hire help while we have grown exponentially, and personally become a more calm and happy person.

Female client of The Taylor Way, life coach strategist is wearing a pink tank top and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta

Owner Sold Edmonton | www.soldedmonton.com

–  Juli Wenger

I called Dawn at the end of June having read a book that suggested a business coach was a key factor in success and growth. This book also told me 1000 other things, which is on top of the book I read before that, and the online courses I took, in addition to the seminars I had been attending at the ATB Entrepreneur centre.
As you can imagine, that is an overwhelming amount of information for a solopreneur to absorb. In the last two months working with Dawn I’ve gone from feeling that the work and decisions never end to being more relaxed, more organized and in turn- more productive. My family and friends have even noticed the change.
If you’re a business owner looking for some clarity in all the things you don’t (and can’t) know, call Dawn- the hope giver, and ass kicker (she banned me from research!).


– Chantelle Bielak

Dawn has been instrumental in helping in me in my business, but more importantly she has been a support system for me in my personal life aswell. Is amazing how she is able to read me and find out what it is that I need in the moment even before I even know.

She’s there support you and encourage you, and tell you to stop and look around at all the things you’ve accomplished. Dawn truly is an amazing woman and a valuable asset to my personal and professional success. I would highly recommend Dawn Taylor and the Taylor Way to anyone who wants the edge to success!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Chris W

If you’re looking for ways to help, support or inspire your employees or coworkers, I highly recommend booking Dawn at The Taylor Way for one of her workshops or speaking engagements.

She brings together all of the strategies from her one on one sessions and gives you actionable tasks to be able to conquer and work through whatever your struggles may be.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Cynthia W

I started working with Dawn in November 2016 which was a suiting time considering in November 2015 I had a complete breakdown. I had spent years upon years working with Social Workers, Psychologists and Counsellors trying to figure myself out; why was I so angry? why couldn’t I have a healthy relationship? why didn’t I have meaningful friendships? why did I always self sabotage? Once I started working with Dawn, over time, I started to not only answer these questions but fix them!
I was sexually abused from the ages of 3-6 from a very close family member and the consequences of this abuse stole not only my childhood but most of my 20’s. In August 2015 I confronted my abuser and the “secret” was out in my family. I felt incredibly bad because I felt like I ruined my family and yet I felt like a weight had been lifted. However, then a few months later, I was in the deepest depression I had ever felt and it actually lead me to go on a leave of absence from work. During that time, again I was assessed from Psychologists and Psychiatrists and told I had all sorts of diagnosis and things wrong with me, given different medications and told to continuing with counselling sessions that did nothing for me. I thought that these were my only options and continued to push myself through my days. Nothing that the counsellors told me showed a lasting affect, more like band aides than actually healing the deep wounds of my childhood.
Then I was introduced to Dawn through serendipitous events and the real work started which has resulted in lasting, positive changes in my life. Dawn is honest and lets you work through what you really need too. She sets you up for the most success and lends strength to you to reach your goals. She provides different techniques and strategies and insight that I have never had before in all the years of counselling. Dawn gave me hope and the ability to dream again through the work we have completed together. We went from working on my anger and cathartic work to now working on goal setting and even more positive changes. Every day I am grateful for her in my life since she really did save my life, 23 years after my abuse ended I am finally able to be alive. No anger, no regret, no guilt, just being alive and knowing that I am ok. I owe this all to Dawn and her amazing skills as a coach.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Lisa

I’ve been reading and editing a lot of content from my life coach clients, and I have one question for all of you:

Do you believe that you need to be happy?

If you do, you need to create meaning in your life. It sounds simple, but it’s so dependent on the individual.

What’s meaningful and valuable for one person may not be for the next.

Do you know what’s meaningful and valuable to you? Do you align your life to be conducive to those values?

I think that’s what life coaching is all about. And since it’s so personal, I get why you need a personal life coach to help you through all of the things.

Again, I’m going to recommend Dawn Taylor, as a life coach.

I am not into reading self-help books, but I’ll say that there has to be a grain of truth in each, otherwise, they wouldn’t sell.

Dawn has read these books and distilled their words into useful bites in her brain. She’s actually working her way through dozens of self-help books this year.

Soon she’ll be ready to tell you about all the latest self-help books that have been occupying the best sellers lists for years.

If you’re not ready for one-on-one, she has courses you can take and work through at your own pace.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Christie C

I thought I would take a second to share about a woman who helped me overcome anxiety and traumas. She’s made a big difference in my life since I’ve met her and couldn’t be more grateful for all the tools she has provided me. No self-development seminars have ever helped me to the extent this woman has. Sometimes one on one settings can make a bigger difference.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Audrey S

I think coaching is worth every penny! The Taylor Way works! For my family, the changes were almost immediate. Her coaching made all the difference in our lives!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Stacey TB

I came to Dawn Taylor when I was stuck. I had a plan to increase my social media presence but had no idea what I was doing and was just sort of winging it. Dawn took me into her “yellow room” and within an hour we had We planed out 8 videos to film plus different themes to post about, the works! We shot all the videos in one day and she even edited them all for me and made them look super professional! Dawn is an amazing muse in times were you see a goal but just don’t know how to get there. Not only is she an ass kicker, but she’ll make you one too!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Chris W

I was utterly blown away by you today! So inspiring! Can’t wait to see you speak again!
You are truly an a$$ kicker and hope giver girl…

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Amber C.

If you are looking at making your future look brighter, Dawn with The Taylor Way is a great place to start. She gives great, practical strategies to help you be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend booking some time with her!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Shelby V

Dawn Taylor has an amazing ability to connect to people and call them on their crap. She’s also incredibly insightful and creative. Over the last 1.5 years, she’s coached my teen daughter (because teens generally think their parents are idiots… Dawn manages to get the messages through). Dawn has provided her with creative strategies to deal with mean girls, mean boys, peer pressure and the challenges of blended families. For my high anxiety depression prone 10 year old son, she’s figuratively shown him the light. A year ago, he couldn’t express one positive thing about himself. Now, he’s more open, has a significantly higher self esteem and is more successful in school. Dawn has assisted him in coming up with strategies to deal with his anxiety and has helped him find his voice to be his own advocate. I’m eternally grateful.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Angela R

I began coaching with Dawn in April 2016. Dawn is truly the Ass Kickee and Hope giver she claims to be.

The process was different than anything I have experienced; having never expected the services of a life coach strategist and not knowing what to expect.

First, we tackled life coach strategy using Dawn’s techniques. I have a family history of anxiety and it was only after a few sessions that my anxieties were under control. Moving further into the process, when she delved into my values and the rules surrounding them, I truly felt empowered and in control of my future in the way that I have never felt before. As Dawn puts it, I was finally able to bring out my inner rockstar.

Next, Dawn and I tackled business coach strategy. When we started, she said that with some hard work, she believed I could go full time in six months – something I accomplished in four. We were able to come up with processes and procedures that may have made work easier, and more professional. After working with her, I truly feel that I am a real entrepreneur.

Dawn prides herself in her results. With her help, in the last 5 months I have seen real life quantifiable changes in my life and I don’t think I would be nearly as far as I am today without her

Dawn Taylor – You Rock!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Katie AB

Gosh it’s surprising when you find something you didn’t know you need and you get it.
That’s what it’s been like for me with Dawn. She is a Life Coach by trade but to me, and many like me, she has become the mentor I need to help me through … Life!

This seems like a huge overstatement, but let me explain.
I met Dawn through my business partner and our relationship started out with her giving me inspirations for her articles. I would take her ideas and try to convey them in a way that was honest and true to her spirit.
In getting to know her, I found that she was candid, involved, and completely humble when it came to her work and her life.
I found myself in awe of her journey toward self improvement. I loved that she wasn’t in it to be an expert, she does what she does in order to help herself and pass along the knowledge and experience to anyone who needs it.

As her editor, I get to read her articles before they’re published and I benefit from her advice. I get to ask her about her methods and experience and I always feel like I should be paying HER!

The Closet Example

I have to use the closet example. For starters, Dawn will tell you that her closet is a nightmare.
Or at least it was.
It was one of those things you stare into and wonder how you’re going to pull it all together.
And as I was editing her thoughts and words I thought about my own closet. How I truly didn’t care that it was a mess.

How I literally live out of the clean laundry pile because who cares about the rest.

I texted her after I finished editing her blog with a picture of my crazy closet, and she said, “I think we should schedule some time!”

And I knew she wasn’t talking about the disorganization. She was talking about my LIFE. She saw the symptom of a procrastinator and she wanted to help me.

What a beautiful thing. What a wonderful person. Such intuition. #yes

Dawn is the kind of person who has the experience to recognize a person who might be seeking improvement in his or her life. She will give you advice, skills, guidance, and …honestly, a shit ton of love to help you get through your challenges.
We all need mentors. Dawn can be your personal mentor. That one person who knows you and has your back.
I’m a writer and I’m at a loss for words. I’ll just leave a few here:
Yes she is amazing. Sure she might tell you to sleep on a spiky mat, get up at 4:30 a.m. or organize the shit out of your closet, but I can vouch for the effectiveness of her methods.
If you’re looking for a mentor or a friend, drop Dawn a line.
There’s nothing to lose and you may end up with some free advice!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist
Freelance Ghost Writer and Editor

– Christie

My life coach experience with Dawn has helped me to discover more of who I am. It’s helped me to step into my power, to see what makes me tick and see what my goals in life really are.

I’m grateful I started this journey. I have made huge strides in so many areas of my life. My self-worth has improved, my marriage is improving, my business is growing, I am more confidant than I have ever been. I can’t tell you how much it means to have someone in my corner. I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of I’m where I should be.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Amy Kachurowski

Dawn helped me look at my life from a different angle. She said I have the power to change my relationships. She gave me some practical ways to manage difficult relationships. She reminded me that I have control over the way I allow others to affect me. It is amazing how you can change your thought patterns until they become normal thought patterns. You can change your toxic habitual way thinking into thinking that empowers you. In every situation and in every part of your life, the power lies within you to be happy. It’s a decision to be happy.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– G Sherwood Park

If you’re like me, you may have a busy, somewhat crazy schedule. I would stress out about the week and all I had going on. Dawn shared with me how simply writing down a least 3 things I’d like to accomplish each day could help to reduce my stress level. Another tip was choose a day to do nothing! Thanks so much. In the last two days, I’ve accomplished more and it turned to be fun and not stressful! That’s the Taylor way

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Stacey, Edmonton

Simply put, Dawn is a breath of fresh air. Always a different perspective but sincere and genuine. Dawn ensures every avenue is looked at so that each individual can make his or her choice accordingly towards the most positive change possible. I can personally guarantee that The Taylor Way, really is the way! You won’t regret it!

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Sam, Edmonton, AB

My experience working with Dawn was very insightful and straightforward. She provided a comfortable environment for us to talk, helped me to schedule and prioritize my time and develop a rewards system for accomplishing daily goals. She was flexible with her packages and her time, which was much appreciated, and more importantly, was warm and approachable. I look forward to working with her again in the near future!! You’re an amazing woman Dawn. I admire you and highly respect your strength. Could’t think of anyone who would be a better coach/ass kicker.

logo-the-taylor-way life coach strategist

– Chanel, Edmonton