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Stop Doubting Your Dreams


Take Risks Without Fear


Realize Your Full Potential

Does this sound familiar?

Your inner critic calls the shots in your life and/or business?

You keep running into imposter syndrome, unhealthy relationships and doubts from others?

You want more than timelines and goal setting to take your life from A to B. 

But not doing anything feels better than wasting more time and money on another therapist or coach. 


"Your dreams deserve more than a 50 minute session. Your potential for greatness starts here."

The Taylor Way... It's different


Maybe you’ve tried group coaching or personal development programs before. Maybe they felt like something was missing.


Here, you’ll never be limited to one type of plan. Trusting someone with the hard stuff in your life takes time and effort. It’s why your sessions are customized and you feel seen and heard the entire time.

You thought you needed more strategy. The truth of the matter is you need to get to the root of the negative self-talk, doubt and fear that keep creeping in every time you try to do something new.

Get a concrete action plan so you know what steps to take. You won’t be coddled here, but you also won’t get away with stuff.

You get more than timelines, goal setting, and outlining the steps of how to take yourself from A to B. You get life transformation.

That transformation can look like finally seeing your potential for greatness, deeper fulfilment or finally having peace with yourself.


I Get It - 

Life is Hard!

Like many of my clients, I’ve also felt ugly, useless, and forgotten.

I’ve gone through depression, molestation, and a brain aneurysm. 

It took me years to understand what I had gone through and how to use my past to support others in conquering their fears and self talk.

That’s why I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into strategies to help you overcome your own stuff efficiently. 

With multiple different certificates, training courses, and a whole lot of courage and stubbornness, I decided that if I could heal myself I could help others heal too.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life so that you can live with more fulfillment and peace, then contact The Taylor Way today!


Dallas Wiebe

IF you want to try to stay comfortable and stay the same, find someone else. IF you want someone who honestly cares about you and who will push you to new awareness of the real issues in your life and point you toward tools that will help you deal with them. This is Dawn, she will kick your butt as she hugs you. Trust the process, lean in hard, dig deep. You will not be the same. You very likely will end up being a help to others.

Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC

I had been in therapy since I was 16, over 20 years of going to therapy before I met Dawn. But in 14-15 months of working with her, my brain has essentially rewired itself. How I view my friends, myself, and God has changed. But you have to buy in, and be willing to work through the tough stuff to get to the other side.

How It Works


Choose A Path

Schedule a call to talk with me about the specific kinds of coaching we can walk through together.


Clear the Doubts

Clear the negative self-talk and doubts to take the first step towards a more fulfilled life.

Branding-95 (1).jpg

Live Your Dreams

Finally enjoy living all the parts of your life… with nothing holding you back.


P.S. I Made It

Finding Radical Joy After A Lifetime Of Trauma

P.S. I Made It, is a powerful story that grabs you through its lack of pretension and honesty. Every page reveals another layer of curious wonder at both Dawn's life and of the power of hope that moves within each of us.

Dawn's hope is that you use this book as a resource to deal with your struggles. Share it with someone who needs it. We all want to feel like someone understands what it's like to suffer through something and - come out the other side.

She describes her life as "horrifically beautiful and beautifully horrific. Dawn is a trauma, life and business coach, an in-demand speaker and author. We are about to embark on a great adventure together. 

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