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“I have never experienced a coach, or a person, quite like Dawn before. Her style is unique, unconventional, powerful, and drives results. . .  Dawn’s coaching has absolutely blown everything else I’ve ever participated in, coaching or therapy wise, out of the water. It’s like a rocketship for your emotional health and personal development.”  – Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC


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Coach Strategy

 1-on-1 or group based, I custom design a results driven strategy that supports you in business, relationships and life.

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10 week intensive training to get you to the next level in life or business with a small group of like minded people.

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Need a speaker at your next event? I cover topics in business, relationships and life.

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I would like to speak to the personal work that Dawn has done with me. She was kind of like a world in the mist, she just came into my life, took one look at my demon and started kicking ass. She helped me out of a destructive place and helped me with the courage to step out on my own…

Dawn is unconventional, and will change directions in her coaching mid-session if she sees it is not the right approach for you.  She is kind, compassionate and patient.  Her own life experiences have made her such an amazing coach. Not only has she helped me overcome my tauma, but as a result, my business and interpersonal relationships have also improved.  I will continue to refer anyone to know that needs a life coach to Dawn.

I am a person that’s struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. My anxiety was so bad that I feared leaving home alone and hated making eye contact because it made me uncomfortable. . . Starting appointments with Dawn was the best step forward I have ever taken in my life. Dawn helped me write out my rules and standards that I should be living rather than living by the rules I’ve set for myself. . . The best part about working with Dawn is that she doesn’t treat you as “just another client” she treats you like a best friend.


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The Taylor Way | Life Coach Strategist

We empower people to be the superhero in their own rescue so that they can change their own lives and inspire others to do the same.

Dawn Taylor, a Business | Relationship | Life Coach Strategist and owner of The Taylor Way located in Edmonton, Alberta meets you where you’re at. Through her unconventional strategy based style of coaching and her blunt honesty, the Ass Kicker, Hope Giver will challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results in Business, Life and Relationships.

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Transformational Blueprint

Want to Transform your life and business without leaving the comfort of your own home?

We are so excited to share our Transformation Blueprint distance life coach strategy program from the heart of Edmonton, Alberta.

Transformation Blueprint challenges your thinking and allows you to learn at your own pace to maximize success.

Take charge of your life, grow and connect the dots.

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PS I MADE IT. Finding Radical Joy After A Lifetime Of Trauma

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Read the stories of trauma and the incredible healing steps that Dawn has taken to heal herself and become a strong confident leader in her community from Edmonton, Alberta and beyond. Dawn now utilizes these tools in her coaching strategy sessions with clients, building up those who have felt lost or broken.

Get your copy of  PS I MADE IT: FINDING RADICAL JOY AFTER A LIFETIME OF TRAUMA through the link located below. You can order the book.


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