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I felt like my life had been squandered a little bit in the season of having babies and people needing me. But after working with Dawn, I realize I have the potential for greatness. It was the first time in my life that I realized I actually have the potential to do amazing things.

Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC

I had been in therapy since I was 16, over 20 years of going to therapy before I met Dawn. But in 14-15 months of working with her, my brain has essentially rewired itself. How I view my friends, myself, and God has changed. But you have to buy in, and be willing to work through the tough stuff to get to the other side.



and In-Person

As an International Trauma Specialist, Business Consultant, and Life Coach, Dawn Taylor offers all her services virtually. 

If you are able to visit or are located in Duncan, B.C., you are welcome to come for in-person sessions.

Dawn is also the owner of Seen | Heard | Healed, which is a Healing Retreat that offers one-to-one immersion healing or in-depth business strategy. For more information about an extended stay at the Healing Retreat to further support your journey please visit:

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