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Stop Doubting Your Dreams


Take Risks Without Fear


Realize Your Full Potential


Dawn Taylor

Trauma, Business, and Life Coach

I’m obsessed with flowers. The seeds, the petals… they are enchanting.


I tried to adopt a bear when I was a kid. Ask me about it.


I’m affectionately referred to as the “Ass Kicker, Hope Giver." Although I’ll love you where you are, I won’t coddle you or allow you to stay there.

Stop Doubting Your Dreams

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Take Risks Without Fear

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Realize Your Full Potential

Stop Doubting Your Dreams

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Take Risks Without Fear

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Realize Your Full Potential


“You are the author of your story,

so write a damn good book.” 

A Bit of My Story


My childhood was beautifully horrific and horrifically beautiful. I was raised in your typical suburban family. From the outside, everything looked perfect. But on the inside, a young girl who saw herself as ugly, useless, forgotten – an object.

I battled depression from the age of 9. I experienced a physical injury and then long term pain.


I was broken and damaged on the outside, and I felt broken and damaged on the inside. 

Then at age 14 I was sexually abused by my uncle and no one believed me. 

For years I pushed the emotions down, until 17 I went to the police to speak up. And my family shamed me.


Three days later I had a brain aneurysm . . .

I lost my long-term memory, most of my short-term memory, doubled my body size on steroids, and started having daily migraines. My hair color was different, my eye color changed, and my personality changed. I felt like a completely different person.

Something kept telling me to keep fighting. Hold on. And I began a healing journey for myself. 

This is the moment you became my passion. 

I created a personalized process of what is needed to face each unique challenge. With multiple different certificates, training courses, and a whole lot of courage and stubbornness, I decided that if I could heal myself, I could help others heal too. 

My passion is turning people, like you, into an internal gut level rockstar to overcome pasts and move into the most amazing future ever.


Seen Heard Healed Client

Dawn is soft, but she’s a hard ass. So what’s cool about her is she really knows what you’re capable of. She’s gonna push you to get there. But she’s not going to leave you alone when she does it.

Katie Dooley

People often ask me and my husband, “How are you doing? Why are you so successful? So happy? What is the secret?” I’m like, it’s Dawn. I’ve just hired a really great coach.


P.S. I Made It

Finding Radical Joy After A Lifetime Of Trauma

P.S. I Made It, is a powerful story that grabs you through its lack of pretension and honesty. Every page reveals another layer of curious wonder at both Dawn's life and of the power of hope that moves within each of us.

Dawn's hope is that you use this book as a resource to deal with your struggles. Share it with someone who needs it. We all want to feel like someone understands what it's like to suffer through something and - come out the other side.

She describes her life as "horrifically beautiful and beautifully horrific. Dawn is a trauma, life and business coach, an in-demand speaker and author. We are about to embark on a great adventure together. 

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