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How to Write a Book the Dawn Way

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

It has been one year since I finished my book and I thought I would take some time to answer a few questions that keep coming up about it. For starters? If you have read my book? THANK YOU!!!!! You have no idea how much that means to me. It was a heart project for sure and the process of writing it, publishing it, selling it and now having my story out there has been intense to say the least. If you haven’t? No worries! Click here to get a copy if you are interested. I would be honored.


How long did it take you to write a book? Kind of an odd story! I was plagued by words in 2014. I am not talking just some random words but I was spending most nights reliving my trauma. The words were flowing and the second I sat down to write? I would FREEZE. I could not get any words out and it was awful. You have to read the book to figure out how I started writing but I got around 9,000 words done in 10 days and then ignored it until late 2018. I then decided it was time to go. Get it done. I tried to write everyday but it was NOT the easiest for me. I ended up locking myself torture style in a hotel for a long weekend two different times where I wrote around 35,000 words each time. A few extra days in there? And it was done. I wrote the majority of the #book from Nov 1, 2018 - May10, 2019.

How many words did you write in the book? Just under 74,000 final words. I finished at around 92,000 and then we did cuts.

What was the hardest part to write about? Ugh. The stuff about my mom. That was the hardest for sure. I take that back! The brain aneurysm was also horrible. I forget what damage it all caused and as I had to write it, I found myself incredibly frustrated and angry.

What was the hardest part to read out-loud for audible? The sexual abuse. And to make matters worse? We had to redo that chapter 4 or 5 times. Yes we did. The files would go missing, there would be random sounds in the background, I would mess up too much, the computer would stop working….. it went on and on.

Is that your voice on the audio version of your book? It is! I really wanted it to be my voice talking to the reader.

How long did that take to write your book??? I don’t even know. HOURS. DAYS. WEEKS. MONTHS. So long

What was your process for writing? Just write!! I wanted to tell my story but I wanted it to be a process that people would read through that would allow them some #healing or would #challenge them to find their strength to fight for themselves. I wanted people to feel seen and heard and understood. I also wanted people with no/less #trauma to develop an understanding of people around them.

Who were you most scared to have read it? My immediate family. My husband the most. Interesting fact? He didn’t read it until it was done and at the printers. He refused!

Has it turned out the way you wanted it to? I had no expectations of it! It has not all gone as planned (research your publishers…. Word of advice) but it is here and I am getting amazing feedback.

Would you write another book? I would! I already have ideas flowing through my brain. One day!!! Maybe next year?

What advice do you have for someone wanting to write their own book about their trauma? Deal with your pain first. Once you write about it? It is OUT there and you have no control of it. Make sure you are okay with everyone talking about it and looking at you potentially differently!

Also, what is your intention with it? Who are you trying to write to?

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