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Stop Doubting Your Dreams

Take Risks Without Fear

Realize Your Full Potential


"Your dreams deserve more than a 50 minute session. Your potential for greatness starts here."


Trauma Healing

What if you could develop the trust that you need with your coach to be able to go deeper into some of the trauma you’ve experienced?

When you’re going through some of the worst shit you’ve ever gone through, you can rest assured you won’t be left alone.

Trauma Coaching Path leads to: 

  • Knowing you are more capable than you think

  • Taking one small step forward, without fear

  • Rewiring your brain for joy

Filled with more love than you can imagine and support through it all, we will walk you through a journey to healing.


Business Consulting

Do you feel like you:

  • Plateaued in your business

  • Run into imposter syndrome

  • Keep self sabotaging 

The Business Path is for you when you know you need more than a simple A-B strategy and a goal plan. You need The Taylor Way Business coaching.


Business Coaching Path leads to:

  • Boosting your sales 

  • Building a healthier team environment 

  • Shifting perspectives on managing your schedule and more 

Solve the blockages in your business so that it can progress forward and grow organically.


Life Coaching

You’re on the verge of reaching your dreams… and yet something keeps sabotaging it all. 

The Life Path is for you if you’ve tried group coaching and personal development programs and nothing has changed. You’re ready to become a happy, joyful person.

The Taylor Way is a kick in the ass with a large dose of compassion thrown in. 

Life Coaching Path leads to:

  • Joy in relationships

  • Dreams coming true 

  • Greatness in you begins to unfold

Put one foot in front of the other, to actually take action, instead of having that paralysis of not being able to move forward.

Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Trauma Healing


I felt like my life had been squandered a little bit in the season of having babies and people needing me. But after working with Dawn, I realize I have the potential for greatness. It was the first time in my life that I realized I actually have the potential to do amazing things.

Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC

I had been in therapy since I was 16, over 20 years of going to therapy before I met Dawn. But in 14-15 months of working with her, my brain has essentially rewired itself. How I view my friends, myself, and God has changed. But you have to buy in, and be willing to work through the tough stuff to get to the other side.


I Get It - 

Life is Hard!

Like many of my clients, I’ve also felt ugly, useless, and forgotten.

I’ve gone through depression, molestation, and a brain aneurysm. 

It took me years to understand what I had gone through and how to use my past to support others in conquering their fears and self talk.

That’s why I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into strategies to help you overcome your own stuff efficiently. 

With multiple different certificates, training courses, and a whole lot of courage and stubbornness, I decided that if I could heal myself I could help others heal too.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life so that you can live with more fulfillment and peace, then contact The Taylor Way today!

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