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Grace vs. Laziness

If you know me at all, you know that my body is always pretty much fighting something. I’ve learned to deal with it, but some days it hits harder than others and the day feels like a write-off. One such time, as I started to feel better and tried to regain energy in the following days, the thought popped into my head: when do we give ourselves grace, and when are we actually just lazy? It’s a thin line from one to the other. While grace is about accepting your need for rest and giving yourself some space to take a step back and practice self-compassion, laziness equals displaying an all-around unwillingness to work or take care of business. To know where you stand, you have to check where your mental headspace is at. It is easy to go quickly from giving yourself grace to rest, recover and feel the feels to just laying on the couch, watching TV and doing nothing all day. That's why you have to start paying attention to your state of mind, because the feeling of giving yourself grace but still having accomplished something, however small, is much more rewarding than allowing laziness to take over your life. Understanding where grace ends and where laziness begins can be challenging, so I challenge you to pay attention to that this week. Figure out what your level is. What are the projects you’ve wanted to get done for a long time? What is something that you are unmotivated to do? Choose a project, set an alarm for 15 minutes each day and pick away at it. We’re not talking about putting your superhero cape on and getting everything done overnight. Just start doing something because slowly, as you start to feel like you’re accomplishing something and succeeding, you will come to feel good about yourself. You will still realize that, despite not feeling great, you still got up and did things—and that’s amazing. Push yourself a little extra hard once in a while. Just a little extra. Do that small thing that will make your environment better. Picking away at something will keep the laziness away, and you will learn what grace vs laziness means for you. Try it! You'll feel good.

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